Complete or begin your Hidden Mickey collection with this blue mystery pouch containing two (2) random selected pins. The pins are from the WDW Hidden Mickey Pins - Assortment II (aka WDW Cast Lanyard Hidden Mickey 2007-2008 Series 2 Collection), and have the ODPT 2008 logo on the back. This mystery pouch will be released at Frontierland Trading Post at Magic Kingdom Park. This listing is for one UNOPENED pouch of two pins. Note: The pins are not actually made of rubber - they are metal in the shape of rubber ducks. RELEASED: May 4, 2008

Pin 58493: WDW - Hidden Mickey 2007 Series 2 - All American Donald

Pin 57925: WDW - Hidden Mickey 2007 Series 2 - Fire Fighter Donald Duck

Pin 57967: WDW - Hidden Mickey 2007 Series 2 - Sorcerer Donald

Pin 56892: WDW - Hidden Mickey 2007 Series 2 - Space Mountain Donald Duck

Pin 57923: WDW - Hidden Mickey 2007 Series 2 - Splash Mountain Donald Duck

Pin 62714: WDW - Hidden Mickey Completer Pin - Donald Pirate

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