1ST. This pin is very similar to Pin 5906: Disney Sweethearts-Cinderella, Snow White, & Aurora but this pin has gold outlines around the princesses, there are more details in the costumes, and the colors are definitely different. This pin was traded for at the DLR from a former Disney Store cast member from Northern California and was told this pin was given to them as a promotion for the Mindy Dolls that came with the other version of the pin. 2ND. This is available ONLY if you buy the new Mindy doll with the Holiday dress at the Disney Store or Catalog. Packaging states both the doll and pin are LE. 3RD. Pin that comes with the new Penny Doll from the Disney Store. Penny is Mindy's best friend.

Pin 5906: Disney Sweethearts - Cinderella, Snow White, & Aurora

Pin 7944: Cinderella Disney Sweethearts Pin Mindy Doll

Pin 9266: Disney Store - Sweetheart Dolls (Pooh & Friends)

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