he silver hidden mickey is located on the bottom of the pin. This pin can only be obtained by trading with Cast Members from their lanyards. Please be advised that there are unauthorized versions of these pins being sold from China directly to individuals not associated with Disney. No one can guarantee the authenticity of this pin. On a scrapper version of this pin, the 'P' in 'Pooh' on the back is stamped in a lower case 'p', not an upper case 'P'. RELEASED: APRIL 2005

Pin 38194: DLR Global Lanyard Series 3 - Cloud Nap (Tigger)

Pin 39125: DLR Cast Lanyard Collection 3 - Cloud Nap (Piglet)

Pin 39271: DLR Global Lanyard Series 3 - Cloud Nap (Eeyore)

Pin 40029: DLR Global Lanyard Series 3 - Cloud Nap (Winnie the Pooh)

Pin 41768: DLR - Global Lanyard Series 3 (Cloud Nap Pooh) Color Variation

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