Neon Mickey collection of 2010 Hidden Mickey Pins at WDW. This pin depicts a pie-eyed Surprised Mickey Mouse done in purple, yellow, and blue. The style of this pin looks to be inspired by Andy Warhol. This pin will only be available by trading with a cast member. Size is 1" x 1". Silver metal with 1 pin post and 2 nubs. Backstamps are: Top box: Hidden Mickey Pin Bottom left: Authentic Official Disney Parks Pin Trading 2010 logo Bottom right box: DISNEY CHINA Scrapper Alert: An easy way to spot would be to look at the base of the post on the back. It is raised and not as close to the pin as the real ones are. And in some cases, the two nubs are not even the same size or are crooked. Also,the base of the post is smaller than the real ones and set much higher and almost at the top of the back of the pin. Update July 20,2010 Please be aware that this pin is being offered for sale directly to pin collectors from a factory in China. As such no one can guarantee the authenticity of this pin unless purchased directly from Disney. Released January 2010.

Pin 75165: WDW - 2010 Hidden Mickey Series - Neon Mickey - Purple

Pin 75166: WDW - 2010 Hidden Mickey Series - Neon Mickey - Blue

Pin 75167: WDW - 2010 Hidden Mickey Series - Neon Mickey - Red

Pin 75168: WDW - 2010 Hidden Mickey Series - Neon Mickey - Orange

Pin 75169: WDW - 2010 Hidden Mickey Series - Neon Mickey - Green

Pin 77196: WDW - 2010 Hidden Mickey Completer Pin - Neon Mickey - Yellow (PWP)

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