Lanyard collection of 2010 Hidden Mickey Pins at WDW. This pin will only be available by trading with a cast member. Pins in this series: #75170-#75174, 77198. For search purposes: medals. Moderator update October 31, 2011 Be aware that this pin is being offered for sale directly to pin collectors from a factory in China. As such, no one can guarantee the authenticity of this pin. Scrapper Alert: the blue is a different shade, has a dull finish and the half circle where the ribbon attaches to the Mickey head is filled in with same color as lanyard. Released January 2010.

Pin 75170: WDW - 2010 Hidden Mickey Series - Lanyard - Blue

Pin 75171: WDW - 2010 Hidden Mickey Series - Lanyard - Pink

Pin 75172: WDW - 2010 Hidden Mickey Series - Lanyard - Red

Pin 75173: WDW - 2010 Hidden Mickey Series - Lanyard - Black

Pin 75174: WDW - 2010 Hidden Mickey Series - Lanyard - Yellow

Pin 77198: WDW - 2010 Hidden Mickey Completer Pin - Lanyard - Green (PWP)

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